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ACCA Exam Evaluations March/June 2016

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Kaplan’s team of ACCA content specialists have cast their expert eyes over a selection of the papers we’ve received from ACCA from the March and June 2016 exams, and have given their views on the questions from those exams. If you’re about…
Kaplan AQ2016 Syllabus

What is an AAT synoptic assessment?

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Under AQ2016 you need to complete a new synoptic assessment before moving on to your next level. A synoptic assessment tests the knowledge you have gained throughout the level...
Zoe Robinson, Kaplan Director of Accountancy, and Alison McHugh, ACCA Director of Education Development,  talking.

Q&A with the ACCA

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We recently asked Alison McHugh; ACCA’s Director of Education Development, a series of questions on what it means to be a Platinum Tuition Provider, what developments have been made to the ACCA qualification, and how it has changed over tim…

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MindMeister – mind maps for learning

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The importance of using visually stimulating methods in teaching should not be underrated. Many of us learn visually and a diagram, flowchart or even different coloured text can help us to understand and remember information. With exams upo…

The role of assessment-led learning in CIMA 2015

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"Assessment-led learning" is a common phrase used within education, but what does it actually mean? On the one hand, the term can be used to describe what might also be referred to as "exam-focused learning" – the idea that learning is stru…