After Brexit insights

Brexit: economic positions and predictions

  • Webinar
The UK has voted to leave the EU and the Brexit aftermath now resembles the world’s biggest game of Jenga. What will be the next move? Are the bricks of the UK about to tumble? At the moment we are witnessing the early throes of volatility…
What are internships

Kaplan launches new Business Skills Internship programme

  • Article
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Business Skills Internship programme. This new programme gives valuable work experience to young people in a number of key areas within a business. This also gives employers the opportunity…

How an Internship can help build your talent pipeline

  • Article
The Government definition of an Internship* is: “an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for.” But actually we are regularly told by...

Leadership and Professional Development - is it different for women?

  • Article
Even in 2015, women are still underrepresented at all levels within organisations and most significantly in senior leadership roles. Evidence from recent studies, most recently Lean In and McKinsey, points to two key reasons: organisation…

ACCA Exam Evaluations March/June 2016

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Kaplan’s team of ACCA content specialists have cast their expert eyes over a selection of the papers we’ve received from ACCA from the March and June 2016 exams, and have given their views on the questions from those exams. If you’re about…