Brexit rates

The impact of negative interest rates – how do people react?

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Earlier this year I wrote a blog piece about whether UK interest rates would change and if so, in which direction would they go? There was, at the time, a reasonable case for rates increasing, thus beginning the process of 'normalisation' of…
An apprentice and employer looking at a file

The Apprenticeship Levy, Funding Reforms and Trailblazer Update

  • Webinar
The highly anticipated Apprenticeship Levy update has now been released by the Department for Education giving us more detail on how the Levy and new funding system is expected to operate. All employers, even those who don't have to pay the...
Man on tablet

How Does Flexibility Benefit Business?

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“May you live in interesting times” is not something you would wish upon a friend. The expression is used ironically - the implication being that times of calm and stability are preferable to times of change and uncertainty. For many busin...

Get your studies back on track

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At Kaplan we understand that students sometimes need to take a break from their studies, or find that life has simply got in the way of them progressing as expected. If you’ve found that your studies have been put on hold and would like to…